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July 21 2006

there's like nothing to do on phusebox.

ever since i've found myspace, this place blows.

just like my summer.

nothing to do, friends always busy.

o well at least i'm breathing and have God.



July 22 2006
yay god !!!!!!!!!! amen brotha hahaah :)

Cindell Knois

July 22 2006
yep. i only check phusebox every 3 days or so and im on myspace atleast 2 times a day for about 10 minutes b/c i always have emails and stuff! myspace is the best! i also have more pictues on my myspace.


July 22 2006
myspace is the best. phusebox is good for pictures. thats about it. but the people are a lot nicer on phusebox.


July 22 2006
im glad you're breathing...thats a good thing..oh and you have Jesus...that's even better

Ashley Garrett

July 31 2006
hey! do i know you??