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January 21 2006

Wow. Life's pretty boring right now. Nothing ever happens. I need something new. I think I need a girlfriend idk cus life's pretty lame right now. And I'm not comparing a girl to sheer entertainment. It's just like I said need something new. So I went to one of Blackman's basketball game last night, and we managed a win. Wow Blackman won something. So if any of you have something exciting please let me in on it. I guess I'll be going now. Sham on.


"i'm falling out of style with the current way things are
the things that make conforming hard
i'm falling out of control and you just can't stop me now
i'll fight as long as time allows"


January 21 2006
yeah my life is really boring too..i can't drive cause im a freakin freshman ...so i feel your pain..lol*

Anthony Myers

January 21 2006
I do my best to keep my life from becoming wretched and boring, but its a tough battle.

Marybeth Jensen

January 21 2006
Oh, I know that song...who is that by? It's going to annoy me until I can figure it out....ahhh.

Stacy Freeman

January 21 2006
yeah my lifes pretty blah as well.


January 26 2006

elizabeth duncan

January 26 2006
"not my first choice" pretty much just means murfreesboro...that's why i said literally! it has nothing to do with you guys...don't take it personally.

tyler brewer

January 27 2006
hey i just got one of these have a good weekend


January 28 2006
Hey... Did you used to go to Christiana Elem. I think I remember you!<3 Ash*


January 30 2006
i dont really kno u but you have a xanga?

kelsey shearron

February 03 2006
haha..no i not married..its a joke...good song..-kels


February 03 2006
Hmm...i still dont know which kid a BHS you are..


February 03 2006
yeh me and my friends watch it with my brother and his friends... they love it .... lol and there not gAY... thats awesome that you watch ... i really hope he doesnt die bc he was really hott.... even though he caused problems.. lol ttyl - liz


February 04 2006
hey..just felt like leavin u a comment.!

Teresa Smith

February 05 2006
Go Blackman? haha Sorry life is so boring. I do agree mostly... I mean I'll go for like a week and it'll be fun and busy, but then the nect week I do NOTHING....that's obviously boring. =) Good luck in your girlfriend search.


February 08 2006