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A New Year

January 01 2006

So I hope everyone had a really good Christmas and New Year. I guess I could say mine was pretty swell. I got MP3 player, some shirts, money and such. I guess all around it was a good Christmas. And I must say that this year really went by super fast. I hope 2006 will be a better year. I think it will. And for some reason I'm kind of missing school a little bit. It's just boring at home most of the time for me. So the second semester is here. And that to is another thing that has come up very quick to me anyways. It's hard to believe that we have only half a school year left. Then it's just boring summer again. So I guess I'll be leaving now. Hope everyone has a great New Year. Sham on!


"Convince me
Because I really need your help
Oh convince me
Because I can't see this for myself"

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

January 02 2006
happpy new year

courtney kelley

January 02 2006
I agree, this year has gone by WAY to fast...The school thing I'm happy about 'cause I can't wait til summer. lol. Happy new year.God bless. --Courtney


January 03 2006
what kind of mP3 player did you get? and when are you gonna be at you dads?

elizabeth duncan

January 05 2006
andy smith is a singer/songwriter from nashville (i think?) anyway, he is one of nathan's friends, so that's why he's the artist of the month. silly tanner.

Katie Campbell

January 06 2006
Hey! Just stoppin by to say hi. Cool site. ~ Katie


January 07 2006
omgsh i wanted to stay home i didn't want to go back! wow...well i guess whatever floats your boat huh? manda ayers*

Laura White

January 08 2006
haha thanks ttylbye <3laura


January 10 2006
yeh this past semester went by realllly fast, and its sad , bc the senior class at myhigh school im going to miss alot :( .... but yeh anyway whats going on, havent talked to ya in awhile ...hows life?


January 13 2006
Because I'm cool? haha have a great day!!


January 13 2006
yeah i heard that too im gonna go dye my hair and cut myself now so ttyl


January 15 2006
you end all your posts with rK lyrics thats really fly