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October 31 2005

Ok well this week was quite bland. I would have to say nothing real big has occurred this week. School is going swell I suppose. It's actually going by pretty fast if ya ask me. I mean it's already the freaking last week of the second six weeks. It seems like last week I was scared of going into High School. Now it's just starting to seem quite normal. We had a Pep Rally this week and of course the freshman didn't win the spirit stick. The seniors did as usual. And speaking of "winning". Our football team did not win one single game. We are lost all ten of our games. Yeh we are not good this year. And of course Riverdale won like every game. So Jon, Will, Josh, Joe, and I are starting an Ultimate Frisbee league. It is going to be amazing. You might think Frisbee is stupid but its actually quite fun. I guess that's all I did that was fun this week was practice Frisbee with Jon. We are getting better by the day. So today I and some neighbor friends went into this field. We traveled at least three miles. We went through woods, field's, hills, rock cave things and everything. Fun stuff it was. So this weekend went by fast. And I don't feel like going to school tomorrow. But I know no one does. So I guess that's about it. My fingers are tired so I'm gunna leave. Peace


Emily W.

October 31 2005
you're starting an ultimate frisbee league?? where?? at blackman?? i would totally get a team together!

Anthony Myers

November 02 2005
Well, Yeah it sucks for you. Blackman Is a feeder school of RHS, but RHS is major on recruiting. So, theres no doubt that recruiting is to blame for your consecutive losing streak (and Riverdales consecutive winning streak). Until theres another school around (Stewarts Creek is opening a elementary and a middle next year, and maybe 2 years after that, a high school.. SO you might have a chance around your senior year), feel the heat.


November 03 2005
im sorry.geez i dont understand why you have to be such a freaking jerk sometimes. im sorry for being a little excited about this great thing we started. besides i wasnt sure if you knew all the details. my bad jeez.


November 03 2005
well sorry for responding to that girl. i just noticed that you hadnt and figured i would. again i was not sure if you knew everything about it . sorry if it made you mad.


November 04 2005
HEYA TANNER DUKE! lol..ahahahah ok funny entry..FrisBEE..hahahahah lol well GooD lUCk with that..hehe anyways just PoPPed by to sayyyyyyyy hEyyy! OKay DokAy..t2yl bebi... <33MyRiAH