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October 24 2005

Well let's see this week was ok. This week at school on Friday we had the "Trail Blaze". But I didn't go. And neither did any of my other friends. So Friday night I went to the mall with Lindsay and Myriah. I had a good time. We went into a lot of different stores. Like Spencer's, Chucky cheese, and other places. So then on Saturday I went to will's. He had his swim team come over for a "Spooky hay ride". It was fun. Jon will and I played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee. One of the best games in the world I might add. Yeh we did other stuff I just don't feel like typing. So I'm out. Peace.


Matt Beck

October 24 2005
i love ultimate frisbee

Emily W.

October 24 2005
me too

Anthony Myers

October 24 2005
never played ultimate frisbee before.


October 24 2005
so how have u been? hopefully good..umm how was ur day? well i am jus waiting for u to call hmm bored..ttyl


October 24 2005
i've never played ultimate frisbee, my boyfriend likes it a lot tho...

Kristin Bell

October 26 2005
I love love LOVE ultimate frisbee. Trail Blaze wasn't sooo bad. Wasn't that great either.


October 26 2005
definately. this "league" thing is definately gonna be cool. we will kick some major booty.


October 29 2005
Hay, ever since that one day that we met i haven't talked 2 yew at all.! lol Sarah...<33