July 13 2005
You know what...I just found out that some people have a problem with my problem and it has officially pissed me off. I'm sorry that I'm like Aimee in the fact that I can't say no and I think that anyone with a true conscience has the same exact problem. Gah, I'm so mad right now and I don't know what to do. I can't help it if I'm a nice person and I actually WANT everyone to like me. I'm about to say screw my 18th birthday and screw a party! And you know what? Forget all off you that get offended by this post too! I don't care. I'm mad and I'm going to voice my opinion!!

If you want a happier post, then read the questions one below.

Questions but no answers...

July 13 2005
I have all these questions right now but I can't think of what to do about these questions so I'll let y'all help with them.
What do I want out of this year?
Do I worry about guys at this point in my life?
Do I really wanna major in physical therapy?
Have I hurt someone?
Do people lie to me often?
Am I hated by many people?
Do I join MYO? (Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra) and possibly risk my GPA dropping and/or having a stress attack from being too busy?
Will my schedule work out?
Will I be able to do everything I wanna do before I graduate or am I setting the bar too high?
Will I do my summer work?
Why does rain depress me?
Am I a people person?
What do I REALLY want for my birthday?

Ok well that's enough. There's tons more I could think of but that's a lot so I'll stop there. Help if you want.


July 11 2005
I guess I am enjoying the fact that I didn't go to Florida. I'm glad I'm not missing out on anymore that goes on while I'm gone. My weekend was awesome. Went to the drive in on Saturday with my parents and Christi. Hung around the pool yesterday and got into some trouble with Leah and Megan. Learned that you can't send a guy to do a girl's job because they don't do it right. Today Christi and I helped Leah babysit then went to Corky's for dinner and saw Michael! Tonight I decided it would be fun to practice at 9:45 at night and I got out my piccolo and surprisingly, mom and dad didn't shoot me! Now I'm going to finish Chapter 1 of my first summer reading book then go to bed because I have to babysit tomorrow morning at 8:15. Ugh, tomorrow's gonna be a long day. I'm excited, though, because Jessica is spending the night tomorrow night and hopefully we can stay up REALLY late and help eachother with our girly issues! Everyone should join the group that Christi made. It's called I hate high school drama. Love you guys and goodnight!

Bad news...

July 09 2005
So I get home from work and there's a new message on the machine. It's my youth minister, Brian, calling to say that RYM has been cancelled. I was actually looking forward to it. I keep asking myself if camp being cancelled was a good or bad thing and I can't decide. I mean, yea I wanna stay here and hang out with friends but then I look forward to going to Florida each year. I dunno why, but when I found out I started crying. Something is seriously wrong with me. I'm just not being myself. I wish I could figure out how to fix me... I guess I can now hang out with my friends more this week?
Edit: So I was talkin to a friend and this person said I should make a club called the "Becky is freakin hott" club. So if I made this club, who would join???


July 07 2005
So it seems that Jenna may hold the key to my perfect birthday present... Her birthday was fun. Us cool people didn't end up leaving the bowling alley until like midnight. I didn't do so good but it was all fun so oh well. Now I am extremely tired so I'm going to bed because I have to go to work at 11. Night everyone!


June 30 2005
So today after work Leah, Megan and I went to work out. We had too much fun there. We did 2 rounds of the machines then we played with the hula hoops. Then dad let them come over and help us eat leftovers for dinner. We then proceeded to make brownies and changed eachothers voicemails. Megan's says something about her ba-dunk-a-dunk. Leah's is very sexual lol and mine is, well, ghetto. Megan said something about me being out droppin it like it's hot. Gosh, I love those 2 so much! They keep me laughing. Oh well, I must go consult Amy on what we're wearing to Indiana. I'm ALMOST ready except I have to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and Saturday. I'll be back Monday night and Tuesday I get to babysit Abby and Amelia which should be TONS of fun. I'm excited. See y'all later! I LOVE YOU!


June 29 2005
Jeremy told me I was depressing so I'm writing about happy things. Had some great conversations lately. Really loving my friends! Go USA was fun last night. I won for my team! I go to Indiana in 2 days! I will be bringing my cousin back with me. He's cool for a 13 year old. That's all for now. Gotta get up early in the morning. Love you guys!


June 24 2005
Feeling lost lately and don't know why. Feeling definitely attachment problems. Don't know how to fix it all. All in all I would say I'm very lost and confused about a lot right now and don't know what to do to make anything better. Feeling hopeless.


June 22 2005
Alright. I'm back. The trip was fun but it's good to be home. Saw my first Broadway play and I must say that I will definitely try to go back to New York sometime in the future. Virginia was fun too. We got to visit with my great aunt and uncle that we will get to see next weekend at my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. The ride back home was stressful but we won't go into those details. Megan is staying with me for the rest of the week and I'm very excited. Pictures follow! Ok well we took a lot so for more just go to Amy's site. I just did my 2 personal favorites!

Bye bye

June 09 2005
I leave tomorrow and wanted to leave on a somewhat peaceful note. Today was fun. Mom keeps getting mad at me because I refuse to use sunscreen. Now my chest is a little pink. Oh well. Interesting news. Christi and I were babysitting yesterday and this lady came over to deliver some Mary Kay to the mom and then the representative asked Christi and I if we would be in her portfolio as before and after pictures. Sounds good to me. Mom thought it would be cool if we could get her to do the makeover things on July 21, when I get my senior pictures done AND when I turn 18 lol because it would make the pictures EXTRA pretty. Anyways, that's all. I'll be back in 2 weeks. I'll miss you!

Photo From WonderWall

June 07 2005

photo from WonderWall

Haha, that party was too much fun! I have yet to figure out why my legs look like that but they're supposed to be tan on the bottom too, not white.


June 06 2005
I'm so excited. I have no work tomorrow! I think Megan and I might go work out at the Rec Center. I'm beginning to get tummy pudge and I don't like it at all. Must fix this problem...among others hehe.


June 05 2005
Got this today. Went to the lake. It was fun. Was expecting at least 1 phone call when I got back but alas, no missed calls. Bummer. Shows how reliable guys are...