September 17 2005
Ok so my grandparents are coming in for my last first competition! It's very exciting!
The flute sleepover was ok I hope.
I think the whole school has given up hope for our football team.
Got many good comments on how well we performed last night. I hope that's a good indication for today.
Spencer taught me how to swing dance with him last night. It was very exciting. I learned that I officially can't dance though. I always seemed to turn the wrong way. Oh well.
Shopping yesterday with Trey, Brian, and Jessica was also very fun! We think we all might want to work together somewhere.
The rest of this weekend should be...EXCITING!


September 02 2005
You would think that by your senior year something would actually go right! I guess we've officially lost everything to them: our people, our 'pride' as their sign said, and any hope that we ever had in being better. What a disappointing night. Oh well, as Ben had to tell me tonight after the game, we've always got district! And this time it will be FULL FORCE! Wanted to wear my Siegel's Garbage shirt under my uniform so bad but didn't. I'll just have to wear it somewhere else I guess.

Happy Dance

August 29 2005
So because of the hurricane and flash flood warnings, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Hehe, I love county schools! Hope all you college kids have fun while I, for once, get to sleep!


August 27 2005
So I'm officially frustrated with work, to the point that I don't even want to work there anymore! I want a REAL schedule and a boss that's not gonna try to cause drama at work! I want more than a $0.50 raise for working there for 6 months!!!! I know it's hard for me to work right now because of my band schedule but I'm so sick of being called at the last minute and hearing, something came up, don't come into work today! I NEED PLANNING!


August 23 2005
Life is full of choices. Unfortunately, I'm horrible at making decisions!


August 21 2005
I feel like such a bum. I've left my house twice this weekend: once yesterday to go to Kroger and then today to go to church. I am almost excited about school tomorrow. I don't know, I guess I like being busy and school helps me with that. Oh well, I guess I'm weird.

School/Oath Nite/Band= LONG POST AHEAD!

August 17 2005
Just when you think your life is great, school starts. I love all my classes for the most part. Childcare is gonna be great, minus all the projects because I'm not very creative but little kids will make it fun when they come in October. So far, I absolutely despise my english teacher, Mrs. Jackson. What kind of teacher makes you take your summer reading tests the second full day of school and doesn't tell you over which book? I'll tell you...AN EVIL ONE! Mr. Scudder is HILARIOUS! That class will be fun too. Math is math and my 2 band classes will be fun too, especially Guard class. Sheesh, school really wears you out though. I'm seriously prolly gonna take a nap soon!
Oath night was...interesting. I think I'll write more about that on my xanga , that way this post isn't really long and I can update both.
First football game Friday against Blackman. We chose buses last nite and all the cool kids got on Bus 2. Oh and we're SO not ready for the game either! Mr. Lawson isn't having us practice on the field and all the freshman are gonna get so confused but whatever. If he wants us to look stupid that's his problem, not mine. Just like last night when I complained because he made us go outside in the rain and rain ruins woodwind pads all he said was "I pay for the piccolo!" Uh! Frustrating! If I ran things...hehehe. MYO starts up tomorrow night. I'm so excited about my first practice. I hope I got a good chair and I hope it's tons of fun! Anyways, this is long but it's been awhile.


August 13 2005
Why do I even try when it comes to guys anymore? I'm so disappointed right now.
On a better note, I think I know what senior pics I'm gonna get but I must warn you all that I can only get 2 poses. I'm getting one formal and one casual.

Senior pics

August 12 2005
I have uploaded some of my favorite pics. Be sure to look at them and tell me which ones you like best. Most of them are outdoor because my indoor ones didn't turn out so well.


August 10 2005
I screwed up again. WHy do I always forget to call? I'm so grounded!!!


August 07 2005
Jeremy claims I write vague posts. Well here's another one to analyze.
I've never, EVER, been more unsure of myself than I am right now. I'm rethinking a lot in my life right now.


August 04 2005
It's sad, but I'm beginning to realize that a lot of lasts are coming up in my high school life. Tomorrow ends my last band camp and, 2 weeks from tomorrow, I have my last first football game, if that makes any sense. Wow. School also starts up in a week. This is gonna be a fun long-awaited journey.


August 02 2005
Ok so you're sitting online talking to people. Someone that you don't talk to much in person IM's you. You wonder why they are suddenly talking to you. Has something changed? Do they want or need something? Then what gets really annoying is when they IM you and don't talk to you. Maybe I'm just weird. Maybe I overanalyze things. Anyone have any input?


July 30 2005
Went to the lake today with the Ramsey's. Only Zac was able to come of the 3 kids but it was still fun. We left at about 10:15 and came home at around 8. Then we went to their house for pizza and to see their new black lab puppy! She's so cute! The 4 of us kids went tubing today and Zac and Christi fell off once each and Amy and I managed to stay on. Christi's fall was graceful. She was trying to climb to the back to avoid a wave and the next thing Amy and I know, we are both hit in the face and Christi is in the water! My eye kinda hurts still but Amy's chin looks worse. We lost so much in the lake today too! When Christi was skiing she decided to wear her sunglasses. They're now on some fish in the lake we think. A towel also fell in and sank quickly because it was old and thin. We also lost a frisbee and aluminum foil that was covering the rice krispies. I think that's all we lost but never in our lives have we ever lost so much in the lake! I guess today was just an off day. Might go back tomorrow. I can't decide if I got burnt today or if I'm just sore from skiing and tubing. Guess I'll find out in a few days. Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to yall later!


July 25 2005
So I am still excited about this year but now the entire band knows how to do ballet!!! Let's say it's not pretty and finding your center HURTS!!! Our freshman flutes are also AMAZING marchers which makes Jessica and I VERY happy! At least we got out at 11:45 today.(that's an hour and 15 minutes early) The lake was fun too. Leah and I intertubed and I skiied twice. I'm uber tired now though and tomorrow we will be staying til 1 so I need rest. Gosh, I'm gonna sleep good 2nite!!


July 24 2005
Haha, no one needs to know what the last post is about. If I wanted you to know then I would've said the situation I guess. Tomorrow freshman pre-camp starts and so I'll be out in Oakland's parking lot from 8-1. Woo hoo!!! I have to get to bed in like 3 hours. Ugh, I don't wanna get up early yet. Band camp means school is getting super close and I'm not done with half of my summer work yet! Hmm, I guess I should really get my priorities straight..
DCI Countdown...5 days!!!


July 22 2005
I decided something today. Some guys have really bad timing. Oh well, I guess that's not my problem.


July 21 2005
Ok so today I turned 18 and another year is behind me. I look back and see how much I've changed and all that I've been through in the past year. It never ceases to amaze me, all the memories. I had a sleepover last night and 6 girls spent the night at my house (my poor dad). My car got decorated last night and it is so cute! We stayed up talking until 2 I think which wasn't too bad but I couldn't stay up too late because I had senior pics today and couldn't look bad for them. So this morning Leah and Megan came into the bonus room and sang me happy birthday at 7:53, the time I was born! Then 3 people stayed and got Mary Kay makeovers then I went to a band meeting for 30 minutes and then I was off to senior pics at 3. Those should be exciting to see when I get them back. I hope they turn out ok. I barely got back in time for our band practice from 6-9 tonight from the senior pics. I think I walked into practice at 5:59 or somethin. So after band I walk out and I'm starving and about to go to my birthday dinner at O'Charley's and I get practically ambushed by Leah, Megan, Malory, Kelly and Jeremy. They attacked me with silly string and confetti! It was so much fun. Then they had tied a balloon to my car and it's a princess balloon! I have to say that I've had THE BEST birthday ever!!!! I love you all very very much! Thanks to those who helped make it such a wonderful day!


July 16 2005
I really wish the clouds would go away. I have to get rid of my tanlines before Thursday so they won't show up in my senior pictures!!!! I don't think I'm doing much today. I guess it will be a good day to start my summer reading or go to the music stop and look at flute books. If anyone has any exciting plans call me!

Sigh of relief

July 14 2005
I just had a 3 hour long conversation with a pretty cool person and now all of today's worries are gone. Night!