One of those days...

September 26 2006
Today has been one of those days when I really miss my family and home and my friends.  It's really depressing.  I hate slow days!  I just wish I had some answers for stuff right now.  I guess I could use some prayer.  Love you all! 

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

September 27 2006
Well, I hope that all is well today, but prayer you shall have. :-)

the brian king kenobi

September 27 2006
days where you miss friends? yes. days where you miss home and family? i don't have those . . .


September 27 2006
so i so started lobbing you messages on facebook, before I even read this. I love you too!!


September 28 2006
So I mean who wouldnt miss me? So evidently I get to see you this Saturday and then next Saturday too...SWEET!