First week...CHECK!

August 25 2006
I'm almost done with my first week of college.  It hasn't been too bad yet.  I ended up dropping my Western Humanities class because I took on too much at once and was already freaking out so I'll have to pick that up again next semester but it will be easier then, I think.  My roomies left me for the weekend.  I need to study lots because I have lots to catch up on before classes start up next week.  I'm coming home next weekend for the long weekend so anyone that wants to hang out let me know and I'll try to make time.  Anytime someone wants to come visit let me know.  You can also write me letters or message me on here or facebook.  I miss you all and I love you and I'll hopefully see lots of you next weekend! 


August 25 2006
I claim Saturday b/c I don't have to work!


August 25 2006
but i want to see becky more!...just playing ill see you at some point...i love you!wow cant believe weare in college and you are so far away....


August 26 2006
you guys have already started classes? crazy. we dont start until monday woot!