My new home sweet home

August 13 2006
I'm leaving in about 45 minutes.  Sorry to those that I didn't get to say good-bye to.  I'll try to get on AIM lots still so I'll definitely keep in touch.  I love you all and will miss you dearly but right now I'm planning on coming home for Labor Day weekend. Wish me luck! 

Sarah Vermillion

August 13 2006
Good luck and have fun! Make sure you get to see me when you come home for a visit!

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

August 13 2006
Have fun and good luck! I'll tty and see ya when I see ya! :-)

the brian king kenobi

August 13 2006
NOOO!!! what will i do without the becky?!


August 13 2006
i hate that you had to leave so soon, but im grateful that i got to go with you and help you move in.i hope you like your room now that it is pretty and i hope you liked you flowers that i left behind. i love you so very much......road trip will happen very soon.


August 14 2006
well you didn't say it to me:)) =P