Lamest day EVER!

July 04 2006
My first and probably only day off and what do I do?  I get up at 8 to go feed and walk Jeremy's dogs and then I come back home and go back to bed and end up sleeping until 1:40.  I knew I was tired but I didn't think I would sleep that late!  Now I won't sleep tonight, yay rah.  So from then until now I've just been lounging around the house.  As for tonight, we aren't going to church to watch the MTSU fireworks as usual.  My parents decided to just rent a movie and sit at home.  Dang, today has been so boring.  I'm actually about to go practice my flute which tells you a whole lot right there.  Oh and my car is being gay which makes me really nervous about taking it to college.  I think mom and dad are taking it to Saturn next week while I'm in Panama City Beach.  Mom also told me yesterday at the lake that I need to get my tetanus shot tomorrow so that's not gonna be fun since I hate needles.  Isn't my life just horrible?  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  Not.  I thought today was supposed to be a great day but it just turned out making me miss work, or someone...   Maybe in 39 days I'll have a more exciting life, or at least I can only hope.


July 04 2006
hey well im sorry your day was so bad.i still love to you later....much love!


July 05 2006
That stinks! I'm sorry you didn't have fun. We will definately have fun at girls night though!