Sweet and Sexy

September 04 2005
Hey Yall I didnt even know what this thing was until I looked at one of my friens profile and I figured since I have like every other site out there why not get one of these also. Welp I hope yall like my site and I plan on makin it alot better once I figure out how to work it a lil better .


September 12 2005
PVCS - pleasant view christian school??


September 17 2005
i went to franklin road christian school... so just checkin!


September 17 2005
hey just thought i'd say hey.

Brett Tenpenny

September 20 2005
oh, well thank you... alot of people say that pic is sexy

Chelsey Montgomery

October 09 2005
hey you. seen me anywhere lately?? hahaha♥

Donald Allen

December 04 2005
hey, my band's got more music, you should check it out at www.myspace.com/pillowtalk1 thanks.....