Very Emo...

June 17 2005
I guess you are all wondering whats been going on and why I'm so bummed. Well, me and Krista broke up after 1 and a half years last night. I was the one who did it, but I'm still really sad because she is like my best friend and it kills me when shes hurt or when she cries. I cant help the way I feel about people, especially when it involves emotion of love. When I told Krista I loved her all those times before, I really did mean it. But my feelings changed. And I'm sorry I hurt her, but I think I would have rather done all of this than lie and not tell her for 3 or 4 months.

Krista told me that one or two of her friends were really pissed at me, well they can blow me. They dont know anything about the situation and shouldent be mad at me. I thought that you were my friends too. Guess not.

Anyway, thats what happened. I guess thats all so I'll let you kids go.



June 16 2005
Today was definatly a bad day.


June 15 2005
Today was a fair day. Work wasent too hard, untill David left for Cool Springs.

Gotta go to church tonight and hear another one of Mr.Tims lessons. Its not too bad, a little boring though.

Not alot to talk about so ill catch you kids later.


Hoover Paint

June 14 2005
I hate my job. All of you people who complain about your job being so hard need to shut up... mine is worse. All I do all day is pick up 30 pound barrels of paint and stack them 4 high. Now I dont know about you, but I think that is much worse than serving people chicken at KFC. And the worse part is that my hours are 12 untill 4. You might say that im lucky that i get to sleep in untill 10 or so, but really, I'd rather get up at 7 and be there at 9 and work untill 1 so I could have the rest of my day free. My hours now cut my day in half... and I don't like.

I guess I'm lucky to have a job though. At least I make some money instead of being broke all the time.

Not too much to talk about right now. I guess I'll let you kids go.



June 13 2005
Well, my first entry on another one of these site things. im glad im not as addicted as my sister.