All the things she said....

July 30 2005
So, yeah, I am at home eating an expired balogna sandwich, drinking a green tea, and listening to T.A.T.U. Pretty sad, huh?

I could be at a resturant, eating with Amanda, but no.

All I have to say is that the A.A.A. means "Absolute Ass Association".

Anyway, I went to the mall today and bought a shirt. It's sexy. I saw Steven and Lubna there... nothing too exciting...

Yeah, band starts next week. YAY!!! I think.


My G-String.

July 29 2005
This is a MEGA-SHOUT OUT to my sister Ray Ray.

Her sorry ass is going to college at TTU, leaving my sorry ass here in Murfreesboro.

But, it is okay. I will move on.

I am going to miss her. But, My G-String has grown up... she's granny panties now. She needs to move out on her own.

Seriously, I am going to miss her. Even though, I'm going to have to bum rides off of my friends more often, I am going to miss her loud annoying singing and I'm going to miss making fun of her. I won't be able to talk to her every day either. That sucks. I am not going to miss her walking around in her bra and panties... ugh. Lol, but, I love her... and I am going to miss her.

I can't wait till her magical 21st birthday! Lol, just kidding! ( ;

Anyway, that was a shout out to my sister.

I LOVE YOU RAY RAY!!! YOU ROCK THE MULLET, AND YOU ARE THE HOT SEX!!! (not to me... to everyone else)



July 26 2005
I have no clue what to write about.

First band practice yesterday...

It was very interesting.

Maybe I will write about it later.

Monday, I played for summer school graduation...

And again, maybe I will write about it later... just not up to writting alot tonight.

I haven't forgotten about you Phusebox!

July 20 2005
I haven't forgotten about you Phusebox... I have just been sick. I'll write later... it's late and I have work in the morning.


Okay! So, last night was a blast. Lots of fun with Amanda. She kinda lied to her daddy about who she was going with... and she kinda got caught... but it's ok. She will most likely only get a lecture (wich is amazing because I would have a stick of dynimite stuck up my ass... and I would recieve a lecture). We went to see Wedding Crashers, wich was rated R. Neither of us are 18, but my good looks and good flirting abilities got us in. It was good. lots of titties. It was really funny too. After that, Amanda and I came back to my house, and she kissed me (really it's more like made out) goodbye. I had a great time.

So, as you all have read, I have been sick, puking. I hate puking. It's so nasty. I don't know what I had, but, whatever it was, it lasted two days... and I puked... so it sucked. The good side to me being sick was I didn't have to go work for two days! I got alot of reading done on The Half-Blood Prince. LOL!!! Yeah, I'm a geek.

So, anyway, thats about all I have to write about, so, I'll let you kids go...


1 more week of hell!!

July 18 2005
YAY! This week is my last week of work! Only four more days... YES!!!!!

I'm very happy about that.

I don't think that Amandas dad likes me too much. This weekend she's with her mom, so thats good. Her mom actually wants me to come over! She's cooking Asian food. Yummy! The down side to this is, her mom is a little psyco. I guess it's because Amanda and her sisters have never had a "boy friend", so, her mom doesen't really know how to act around me. But, with time, I think that she will calm down. She's pretty amusing too.. her Asian accent cracks me up. LOL!!!

Anyway, I must go...

I'll talk to you kids later.

So, yeah...

July 16 2005
Hmmmm... Yesterday was very interesting. Yesterday, I went over to Amandas' dads' house for a couple of hours. We mostly just tried to lay down and take a nap togeather. That didn't work too well though. Her little brother and sister were very very nosey. Lol... It's all good.

And of coarse her dad didn't know. He doesen't want to even meet me, so, it was while he was at work.

And then, last night was the rleasing of the 6th Harry Potter book so, you know where I was... lol! At first, Amanda couldn't come... and then later, she still wasen't allowed, but she snuck out anyway. I'm such a bad influence. So, I got to see her there. She was more interested in Cater Hays though... lol, jk!!!! (love ya Amanda!!! Don't hate me for that!!!!)

So, today I cut the grass, cut down a tree, and tonight, I'm going to go to a Boy Scout thing.

I guess thats all, so, later.

Last night and today...

July 14 2005
So, Amanda came over last night from 11:00 untill about 15 till 12:00. We had fun...

She didn't tell her dad that she was going, so he got really pissed. But, She didnt get yelled at or anything, so, I guess it's all good.

Today, Amanda and I are going to Toot's to get some yum yum for supper. Then, we might come back here, we might go to her moms house, we might go to the mall... somthing.

Hmmmm, thats about all I can think of, so, later homies.


Grocery shopping takes an hour and a half, and yes, I pretend that my stick is a wand...

July 13 2005
So, last night, Amanda told her dad that she was going to the grocery store to get some food beause she had the munchies. Well, she was really going to come here for a few minuites and then go, but, she ended up staying for an hour and ten minuites because we were having so much fun. So, I'm like, "okay Amanda, I don't want you to get in trouble, so, you have to go!" So, she left, went to the store, got some Jello and Oreo's, and went home. When she got there her dad didn't say anything, so, we are thinking that he didn't care.

Wich reminds me...

Amanda told her dad about me, and he hates me already. He doesen't even want to meet me, wich I guess is ok because everyone says he is uber (sp) scary.

In other news, I put in my two weeks notice. I have to quit because of band. YAY FOR BAND!!! I told my boss that after band season, I'd be interested in my old job, but that was a lie. I am so freakin out of there!

Speaking of band, it starts hella soon. Pre-camp starts in two and a half weeks. Yay! Band is so much fun. But I really need to practice again. I should already have my music memorized, but, I don't.

Hehe, I am such a dork. I am so going to the midnight release of the new Harry Potter book!!!!! LOL! It's going to be Amanda, Kelly Jo, my sista and me... and maybe one or two of my sista's man whores.

Anyway, I gotta go and get ready for work, so, I'm gonna let you kids go.


From ear to ear!

July 09 2005

I had a great night tonight.



Oh, man, I had sooo much fun. I met her mom, wich was kinda weird, but, she is a mom so its all good. So, she brought me home and stuff, and, we had our first kiss.

Yeah, I can't stop smiling!!!!

Good night yall!!!

No title.

July 07 2005
I need to write again... I'll edit this later and right more. But for now, leave comments!

So, this is my edit!

Work today was amusing. I spilt an entire gallon of paint on me. They had to pressure wash me off. It sucked... and was really wet.

Me and Kelly Jo went to The Underground and to Hastings today. I saw Rachel Rounion and some others. It was cool.

Thats about all, so, I'm going to go. Dont do drugs!!!!

Gurr, zombies...

July 02 2005
So, yeah, I went to see Land of the Dead tonight with Kevin. It sucked. No plot, bad ending, bad movie in general. There were some cool parts though. Anyway, not alot happing here. I called Amanda in Flordia, but she couldn't talk for long though because she had to watch a movie. That sucked, but, I'm okay I guess.

Man, Gothics are weird... but I love 'em!

So, yeah, I'm listening to Beverly Hills by Weezer right now. I like them, they are pimpin.

I guess thats all I have to say right now, so, later!



June 30 2005
I just got back from an amazing date with Amanda. First we went to Sonic and then we went to see War of the Worlds... wich was amazing as well. After that we went to Hastings where we saw Brian and James, wich was kinda weird. Then she gave me a ride home. Thats about it. I know it kinda sounds boring, but it was alot of fun. Unfortunatly she has to go to Flordia all next week, but when she gets back, we are planning to go out again.


I'm really happy.

Guess I'll talk to you later.

San Diego means... a whales vagina.

June 28 2005
I love "Anchorman"!

So, work today sucked whale penis. long, hot, tiring, and boring.

I did get a call today from Taylor. I going to try out for his band on Friday I believe.

Every time I see the video trailor for War of the Worlds, I crap my pants because it looks soooo sexy.


Yeah, I guess I'll go.


June 28 2005
Jack: What powers you ask?

Holmes: What about the power of flight? Does it do anything for you?

Jack: Thats levitation Holmes.

Kyle: What about the power... to kill a yak, thats 200 yards away? With mind bullets!!!

Jack: Thats telekinesis Kyle!

Lol. Thats a song by Tenacious D called Wonderboy. I like it alot.. it's really funny.

I'm going to go see War of the Worlds with amanda on Thursday. Amanda is really cool. I still havent decided what I am going to enjoy more, being with Amanda, or the movie. Lol, I think I'll enjoy amanda more.

Well, I guess I'll let you kids go...

These chicks don't even know the name of my band... and, well, I don't either.

June 26 2005
So, I might be in a band. I have to go try out on my bass guitar, but I'm sure I will make it because they need a bass player and well, they don't know anyone else that plays bass. So, I might be in a band. Its old name was Surviving Monday, but some other band had that name copy righted, so, they might change it to this other really cool name... I just forgot what it was. I recieved a copy of their EP, and I have been workig on the 2 songs. I think I sound pretty good... definatly good enought to make it. The bass lines were kinda easy, but, I still practiced them for like 55346 hours just because I wanted to play them right for my tryout.

Anyway, I think thats all I have, so, I'll run.


I am very happy right now!

Green Day...

June 25 2005
I might be going to see Green Day in concert. I pulled up Ticketmaster and reserved 2 tickets.. well, as long as i dont close out of the box I have them reserved.

I really want to see them.

So, yeah, I'm bored.

Not a whole lot to say, so, I'll see you kids later.


I've got to admit, it's getting better...

June 24 2005
So, yesterday was a blast. I chilled at Starbucks with one of my old friends that I hadent seen in forever. So, I guess a couple of my friends don't ditch me... LOL.

Today, my mom said that my sister and I coulden't do anything, because we have to help her clean. I guess that isen't so bad. We get to do whatever we want to tomorrow.

I love this SoBe Green Tea stuff.

I would like to give a shout out to Rachel Tenpenny, or, my sister.

That was random.

I really want to go see Green Day! Oh my God, I want to see them sooooo bad. If any of you guys want to buy me tickets and take me, I would be your slave forever. Well, not really, but I would love you that much more. Sean Mosey, you have to buy me a ticket if you go.

So, everyone keeps on telling me how hot my profile picture is. So, I guess I should take it down because it's like internet porn.

Just kidding.

Oh!!!! I have a Story. So, there is this kid named Chris, and he goes to my church and he's in my boy scout troop. Well, he is like 4 feet tall, and he is only like 65 pounds. This kid is freaking small. I mean, I could juggle him.... He's tiny. And, to top it all off, this kid has more hair on him than most adults. He is really hairy... like, his arms are as hairy as my legs, and l am not even kidding. So, this small, hairy kid is in my troop. He is also kind of annoying, and he likes to climb on things, so, I named him the Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey. So, picture this. I am sitting down, talking with a couple of my friends, and this 4 foot tall, 65 pound, hairy, annoying child, who is named the Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey, comes over to me. At first I don't notice him, but then, I feel something warm on my leg because I have on shorts. So, I look down and see this kid. He had his pants down, and his ass cheeks on my leg. Before I am able to get him off, he rips the loudest, most wet sounding fart I have ever heard.

Yeah. My leg smelled like wet fart for an hour.

It was pretty nasty.

So, anyway, I'll let you kids go.


My rants about people.

June 22 2005
Me and Krista talked on the phone for a while a little bit ago. She decided she didn't have feelings for me anymore either, so, we decided to not even date. So, I guess it is completely over between us. When I talked to her on the phone, she seemed so satisfied with herself, like, she threw in the final blow. I don't think thats what she really felt like, but thats how it sounded.


I am very depressed right now. I'm not sure why, but I am. I don't have a whole lot to be happy about. Like I'm not happy that Krista and I broke up, but I am relieved that it is over and Kristas not hurting at all. I guess that I'm mostly depressed because of my friends. Now, when I say this, I know I am going to get about 15 comments saying, "I'm really your friend, I'm not just lying to make you feel wanted." But, I feel like I have no real friends. I feel like all the friends that I hang out with are just hanging out with me becuase they have no one else at the moment. I feel like they are pretending that they want to hang out with me just because they dont want to hurt my feelings or everyone else is buisy. For instance, I was at Tylers house the other night becuase my parents were out of town. Tyler stayed on the computer the whole fucking time. Then, Calvin was like what do you want to do, and I said, lets walk to the underground. And I know that Calvin didn't want to go with me up to the underground. I know that the only reason that he asked me what I wanted to do, was because he felt bad that Tyler ditched me for his virtual friends. Calvin had better things to do, and he would have rather done something else. And then, there is my friend Camron... I try to hang out with him all the time. But, everytime I call, its either, "Sorry man, college exam to study for..." or, "Sorry dude... my little brother has has somehting to do, and I have to give him a ride," or, he forgets. Every damn time. And I know he has a girlfriend and other friends... but I call him on almost every fucking Monday to see about Saturday, and every time, he says, "Maybe... but I might have other plans..." and everytime he has other plans. And he always says, "Sorry, maybe next time... I have a buisy schedual (how ever the hell you spell it)."

I just feel like I am unwanted and not appreciated. I feel like I have no true friends except for maybe David Redmon. And he has summer school and has to study for that and go to work and date Molly. So, I'm not mad at him for being buisy, but I wish more people were true friends like him. If you dont want to hang out with me, tell me you don't want to fucking hang out with me. If your not going to even talk to me, don't say I can sleep at your house when my parents are out of town... Jesus Christ, sorry for such a long rant.

I didn't mean to make anyone mad because of this entry. This was aimed mostly at my "closest" friends. I am not saying that everyone is a douch bag. Just thought I would let you know this before anyone else gets offended.


Tuesday Morning

June 21 2005
So, yesterday I didnt have to go to work, (big yay), because my parents went to a college thing with my sister for college freshmen. Since my mom and dad were both gone last night, they said I couldent stay alone at home. So, I went to Tylers house. So, I asked my boss for Monday off, because, "It would be much easier on my parents and me." So, he let me off! YAY!

Not a whole lot else to say, except, TENTMATE!!!
That was for you, Katie.

Inside joke.

I'll talk to you kids later.

Canoe... ing... Yeah, I don't exactly know how to spell that.

June 19 2005
So i went cano...e...i... yeah, you get it. My canoe was the only one that didn't flip, by the current or by another person, so, I am God. JK. But, me and John did do our share of flipping. I did get sunburned... kinda bad. My leg feels like its on fire. And the inside of my ears got burned. Thats like, the weirdest place to get burned.

Anyway, I spoke with krista, and she was so torn up, that I said that I would date her for a while and see if my feelings for her changed. I am going to meet with her tomorrow and we are going to talk for a while.

Well, I guess I'll catch yall later.
Peace out.