I don't have a title this time.

September 28 2005
Yeah, this entry is titleless (sp)...

Anyway, Amanda came over today and ate supper with me. The last twenty minuites she was over here though, she talked to Germani on the phone. Then, when she got off, my mom said she had to leave. Then, when I was walking her to her car, I asked her if I was interesting, and she said... "your fairly interesting."


I am trying to think of something else to say.. but nothing really interesting pops into my head...

OH! Open house went well. The choir sounded nice, so, yay.

I guess thats it though. I have had a pretty boring week.
Later guys.

Abby Dee

September 29 2005
aww i < 3 Germani!!!!


September 29 2005
well, i hope we cleared up the interesting dilemma bc you are interesting. very interesting....


September 29 2005


September 30 2005
Im sry... yeh our ensemble is doing well, the dance for our numbers are really cool yet kinda provacative, but fun

Erin Caudillo

September 30 2005
hahaha, her answer was funny. longtime no talk.


October 04 2005
big stubbs what is crackin ill holl at u later peace