My Friday....

September 16 2005
Yeah... don't you hate it when you get a greater punishment than what you deserve. You know... like when you might deserve a punch in the stomach, or a slap on the face, but you get a kick to the groin... Yeah... pisses me off too.

Band is band... long and tiring. I wish we had another week to prepare for the contest on Saturday too.

The other parts of my day were great. I got to see Amanda for the majority of my "off time" from band, and I got to eat Subway.

Well, I guess thats all. I'm going to go to bed and get my beauty sleep.


Abby Dee

September 16 2005
:sigh: beauty-sleep. that's what i need

Abby Dee

September 16 2005
call me some time soon


September 17 2005
band, band, band.....::sigh:: well, i hope you guys do well at competition....that's where you guys are at now....i think i'll go do something now....ttyl sweetie....


September 18 2005
He will though. have faith! i love you brett! thanks for getting me the shirt!!


September 19 2005
Im sry ... I hope your day will be better the next day