Dude... 4 days of band... then Cold Play

September 14 2005
Okay, more like 3 days of band... but still... it was 4 yesterday. I had a 3 hour practice on Tuesday, I will have 3 hours tomorrow, then about 6 on friday, then 8 or 9 on saturday, wich is a competition in Hendersonville. I am excited about Saturday, but, I'm not too hyped about tomorrow and the day after. I guess we need it though. I do need to learn those last 10 or so sets. Well, it's not that I don't know them it's just that they aren't imprinted in my memory yet.. lol.

Then, on Sunday, COLD PLAY!! Yes!!!! That will be fun. I am VERY hyped about that.

But what makes me sad is that I am going to have like zero Amanda time. I reeeeeally want to see her some time before next weekend. I could friday, but no, Mr. Rhody had to schedual a freakin practice... gurrr. I think I might be able to see her next Wednesday, wich is a day after our two month. That would be cool. But still, it's not this week and that makes me sad.

Anyway, Thats all I got for now.

Peace-out homie!


September 14 2005
hopefully i can see you....hopefully....

Sara Read

September 14 2005
*is jealous you get to go to coldplay and i dont*

Abby Dee

September 14 2005
COLD PLAY!?!?!? wow.. i'm jealous.


September 14 2005
i am going to coldplay!!!


September 14 2005
i'm SOOOOOO sick of band. like all the time it's taking up. but not the people. cuz i love my band kiddos. :) that's not fair that you get to go see coldplay :(


September 14 2005
All that crazy band stuff...it's crazy..have fun @ the coldplay concert..