Parties, white roses, and heart attacks...

August 20 2005
Today was interesting. To start things off, it was Rachels "going away party" just for family. That was okay, besides the argument between my grandmother and the rest of my family. Today was also my one month with Amanda. That went well. I gave her a white rose and she gave me a picture of us. I fell asleep in her arms. It was the best feeling in the world. Anyways. Also, my Dad has had a heart attack, so if you could everyone keep him in your prayers. That all pretty much sums up my weekend.



Kelly Jo

August 20 2005
i'll pray for your dad. everything's in His hands.

Abby Dee

August 21 2005
:prays for brett's dad: call me any time you want to talk < 3


August 22 2005
I'm praying for all of you! And thanks for the rose sweetie, it's beautiful!

Rebekah Minor

August 22 2005
so, tonight i left you an away message cause you ALWAYS complain that i dont, and you didnt get on. well, ill talk to you tomorrow! and, on a more somber note, i am praying for your dad as well as you and your mom and your sister, cause i know how much she wants to go to college. and now, im hoping that you will find time to pray ...cause its improtant

Abby Dee

August 23 2005
you are not ugly nor fat. so hush up! :glare:


August 24 2005
He will be in my prayers...i love you brett! lol!