I'm back... Tell a friend!

November 07 2005

So, yeah, I haven't been writing lately because my sweet loving sister disabled my firewall and 250 lovely viruses came pouring into my hard drive. Sounds like fun, huh? NOT! So, while that is getting fixed, I am forced to use my mothers computer.  So, now you know why I have only written once in the past month.

New video game... well, it's really an expansion pack. Rome: Total War - The Barbarian Invasion. It's alot of fun, if your into that kinda stuff.

Amanda and I have been great, nothing to complain about there.

Hold on, thinking...



I think that's it...

I'll write when I can.



November 07 2005
o so u in to those nerd games lol jstu playin dude ill holla at u tomarrow PEACE

Abby Dee

November 07 2005
glad you're back. your poor computer's all.. viral =/ call me some time, yo. <3


November 10 2005
hey, i heart you....and i'm glad you have nothing to complain about us....hopefully....

royce beckwith

November 10 2005
hey. you remember me right. Royce Beckwith... I used to go to church with you at East MAin. It's nice to hear from you again. How you doing? well just let me know if I am going to annoy you and if so I will leave you alone. Have a good day. Peace.


November 20 2005
yeh I hate it when my computer is screwy sometimes :( -sarah-

jessa richmond

November 20 2005
hey my new friend!!! ive been seein you alot more than i expected when i met u at chilies!!! guess ill cya tom!!!

Donald Allen

December 04 2005
hey, my band's got more music, you should check it out at www.myspace.com/pillowtalk1 thanks.....


December 08 2005
OMG... i have not seen u like in forever... how r ya? ~tRISH

meredith taylor

December 31 2005
Hey! good to see you over Christmas break!! Hope you had a great break. and i will see you in school on Tuesday!!! ~ YUCK! anyways, later meredith


January 08 2006
kiss kiss....hug hug

Beth Farrar

January 18 2006
hey it's beth what's shakin?


January 18 2006
UPDATE! <333


February 21 2006
havent talked to you in awhile.