October 23 2005

Wow, it has been a while since I have written. Sorry, just been buisy, I guess.

But yeah, I got lots to say.

Lets see, I went to the Green Day concert, wich was amazing. They actually made you take off all chains, studded belts, and belt buckles and throw them away. I just put my belt on inside out, inside my pants, and I put my belt buckle and my wallet chain in my shoes. I got away with it, but I saw about 50 belts get thrown away, a couple of chains, and 2 really expensive digital cameras. That woulda sucked.

Before the Green Day concert was the Hoover Marching Invitational in Hoover, AL. We lost by 2/3 of a point (I THINK), but we did very well. It was my best run of the year.

On Thursday was Amanda and my three month. We didn't get to do much, but It was a happy day.  She rocks the mullet.

The variety show was on Thursday as well. It was fun. Everyone said it was good, but I have yet to see myself look like a tard in a 70's outfit.

I got a new video game!!! Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. It's fun, but not as good as the original.

Thats about it, I think. I'll add if I remember.




October 23 2005
that's wicked.


October 24 2005
sweetie.....yay for happiness!!! muah!!

Emily W.

October 25 2005
whoa.. didn't i meet you at the coldplay concer?!

Emily W.

October 25 2005


October 28 2005
haha i love you too kiddo.


October 29 2005
BRETT!!! I hope you're having a GREAT day!!!! I'll see ya Monday! ::love ya::

Aaron Massey

November 01 2005
hey man, talk to me soon about that band.. if we're going to do something, must get started quick! lol. peace dude

Abby Dee

November 04 2005
oh em gee!! you need to call me. i miss you =]