j'ai mal a la gorge

July 31 2005
i am -so sick-

it may be mono. but i don't know. :shrug: i can't talk. i have a fever. my throat is all swollen. it sucks. and i went to work... but i think that being up and around and talking just made it worse. but - i do like my job. :thumbs up:

:drinks sprite:

yeah. my sister is awesome. she babys me. ^_^ gives me ibuprophen and blueberry muffins and pats my back when i throw up. haha. and her husband's nice too. he watched TV in my nephew's room cause i was sleeping on the couch. ts, aww.

but um... that's it.

Carly Gee

July 31 2005
yeah, paige is my middle name. like it? hehe.. je suis tres desolee(sp?)tu as du mal dans ton gorge. did that make sense? anyway, i love you ♥

Erin Caudillo

July 31 2005
i hope you feel better real soon♥

Brett Tenpenny

August 01 2005
dont be sick... how are we going to make out... lol. i love you steve!