one more event to add to my weekend...

July 26 2005
last night Kas and i were on our way home from Coco (we go there too much) and i was going really fast. and i got pulled over. and got a ticket. yup. and then when we got off the interstate, a tire blew. yup.


then Chris called me late at night. and confessed that he likes me. and i was like "i honestly didn't think you felt anything for me" and he was like "try: i'm playing hard-to-get" and was like "why do you think i've been calling you so much" heh... i guess that's cool. i'm kinda of flattered.

we saw Josh Clemmens at Coco. Alan really likes him... whateva. i'm just gonna go with the flow right now.

"it isn't enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it. it isn't enough to believe in it, one must work at it." -Elenor Roosevelt

Carly Gee

July 26 2005
i looove you. you're amazing.

Elisabeth Barber

July 26 2005
im glad everythings going great with you. iuno if you remember me but i met you at the mall!! see ya!


July 26 2005
i'm lovin that profile pic. i

Brett Tenpenny

July 30 2005
you work at hot topic... and its hot!