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July 25 2005
MY BURN IS ALMOST HEALED!!! i don't have to wear a bandage any more!! *^_^*

last night Kasey and i went to... guess where. CAFE COCO! haha. i was kinda bummed at first, cause Alan was on this kind of date with this guy. but turns out Alan doesn't like him... so that's good. i guess. and i met this guy, Robert, who Abby, Carly, and i were totally checking out in Buckle the other day. he was like "i saw you in Buckle" and i was like "OMG. we were totally checking you out" anyway... we hung out there. saw Libby and Matt.

Abby Dee

July 25 2005
sounds like you had a pretty good night. my mom used to think i was on drugs, i think...

Carly Gee

July 25 2005
snaaaap that kid in buckle was hawt.


July 26 2005
you seem cool. its hot outside. candy taste good? ok agreed. :-)