so... tired...

July 24 2005
my party last night was pretty fun. Blender, Addie, Kas, Kiesha, Abby, Carly, Josh, Kelsey, and me. Blen, Ads, Kas, and i were dancing like -whoah- and i think we kinda freaked everone else out. Kiesha joined in, though. we had fun none-the-less.

STEPHEN SANDWICH. and... :holds up hands: it says "blood" and if you can't read it, yo eyes is messed up!

anyway... i'm so freking tired. i almost died in church today. ugh.

tonight, Kasey and i were gonna go to Hurricane's for teen night. but... everyone we tell that to is like "no don't go" and it's $12 to get in. i'm not about to pay $24 bucks for us to get into a shitty club. so we're just gonna go to Coco come more. haha.

love love

Sarah Vermillion

July 24 2005
I totally forgot... I am dirt. Forgive me. :(

Abby Dee

July 24 2005
:hug: i love stevie