it's time for a blog

July 30 2006

so... i thought it was time for a new blog.

i don't really have anything to write about.

except that i'm extremely thankful for all of my close friends. anoyone who's stuck with me through it all. anyone who's been there for me, or who i've been there for. anyone who makes me laugh or who's there when i need to cry. anyone who's actually seen me cry. anyone who puts up with my crap, weather it's me being conceited or self-concious.

i love you guys. so so much.

thanks, God. and thanks, freinds, for being mine. i hope i've been as good a friend to you all as you've been to me.

love, stevie

Sarah Vermillion

July 30 2006
I <3 yous way hard.

kelsey shearron

July 30 2006
i looove you. please come over!