why dont you show me the little bit of spine

June 15 2006


being seventeen is kinda boring.

scratch that.

being seventeen in murfreesboro is kinda boring.

Sarah Vermillion

June 15 2006
I think that Murfreesboro is just plain boring.

Carol Nixon

June 18 2006
thanks....maybe ill get some sleep tonight. as for the 17 thing. i guess since ive been living in mborro for only 4 years i havnt gotten burnt out on it yet. cause i dont think its that bad. but then again mborro is like nashville compared to my old town.

Mai White

June 18 2006
Sorry I couldn't say goodbye yesterday. You were busy with customers and I was in a hurry. It was good to see you, though.

kelsey shearron

June 21 2006
haha...i loove you. and you SO did not come see me before i was locked onto the mtsu campus!!...but hey ill forgive you this time..gov. school is pretty amazing..the kids here are all so talented!...you should come see the art at the final showing in like 4 weeks... -kels