GenPets... ?

June 14 2006

i'm not sure how to feel about this...


on one hand, it seems fascinating and i want one. on the other, i'm kind of appalled and worried.



June 14 2006
I have been doing pretty good. My summer kinda stinks cause I have summer school for a lil bit. But yeh Im coming to murfreesboro sometime soon. So maybe I'll see ya . hope your summer is going well <3 ya ~ sarah

Sarah Vermillion

June 14 2006
That's freaky. I found the website of the artist who made them, if you're interested in looking at it. <a href="">Adam Brandejs.</a>

Lin-Z HackneY

June 14 2006
What is it exactly...i want one.

Carol Nixon

June 17 2006
defiantely appalled and worried. what do they just throw them away if theyre on the shelf too long?! me that screams "hello?! thats wrong!!!!".....