August 26 2005
im so taking this outfit to Japan with me
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001


August 27 2005
awe I definately love this one more ahaha

Nathan Moore

August 27 2005
very interesting...

Carly Gee

September 03 2005
is that a louis vuitton purse in your crotch?

Kylie Boy

September 28 2005


November 06 2005
your choice of clothing is quite subtle.

John Dunahoo

February 27 2006
this is possibly the most feminine emo kid i have ever seen

Sarah Vermillion

June 05 2006
I think they'll kick you <i>out</i> of Japan. :p Nah, just messing with ya. Seriously, I think this picture is my favorite. Ever. Of all time. Period.