HOLLA! I actually wrote this yesterday!

September 15 2005
Last nigt was great!! Call me cell phone and listen to the voicemail to hear one of the many fun things we did!

Today at worked stunk! The assistant manager lady is still really mean...but I only have to work this Sunday and Thursday so I'll probably be at home next weekend!! Woot Woot!

Katie and me are going to eat at InterFaith tonight and then they are taking us to the movies free!! Woot Woot! We're going to see "The Brother Grimm"....MATT DAMON AND HEATH LEDGER!!!! Julie and Jessi are gonna meet us at the movies.

This weekend is gonna be fun too! I only have to work Saturday night for 4 hours and then Sunday...but's it's gonna be just Katie and me and one of Katie's friends that is coming up! I'm so excited!! Except for that whole work part...blah...but it's $$!

Well I'm gonna go...I don't have class until 2:30 though!! YAY!!