i said burr...it's cold in here!

September 12 2005
work was ok...besides that whole bored out of my mind part! i did talk to amy alot though so that was good! i miss you amy!...and rachel...and everyone!

i want everyone that has sent me a letter to know how much a truely appreicate it!! and i'm working writing everyone back!

noone's here right now...sorority stuff...

julie and me keep like an iceberg in here! i'm in a sweatshirt flannel pj pants and i'm still freezing!

i wish i could come home this weekend! but i guess the $$ will make up for it...hopefully!



September 12 2005
i love you and i'm glad i got to talk to ya today! sorry i had to go...i had a j-group meeting...haha but @ least u didn't interupt like rach did when she called! haha! love ya girl! have a great day 2morrow! i miss ya!