Photo From SouTHeRN_BeLLe

July 16 2005

photo from SouTHeRN_BeLLe

Do you not just love this picture? I think this is definitely one of the best pictures from NY. It's just so pretty and I just love the angle of the picture! Oh and it's St. Patrick's Cathedral if you didn't know.

Is it weird that I usually only eat once a day??

Remember to always take time to thank God for all you blessings! Even if it's only for a few minutes it's so important to always give thanks for the wonderful things he blesses us with. It always makes my day to think of the things I have been blessed with during the day whether it be spending time with a friend or getting something that I really needed or just recieving a compliment from someone. I think I finally learned to take compliments and feel good about myself no matter what! No matter if I think I'm pretty or fat or whatever! And I think I pretty much have my friends to thank for that! They are always so nice and supportive no matter what I look like. And all of my friends are beautiful and it makes me feel so good about myself they think the same about me! I have always known that God made me beautiful and made me a certain way for a reason but finally being able to accept myself (almost...everyone has a little self- doubt)completely for what I am nothing more and nothing less.Well, I guess that's it so I'm gonna go! God bless and goodnight!