The old days

July 09 2005
I drove by BHS last night on my from Dena's to Julie' was kind of weird and surreal. Just to know that I never have to and probably won't set foot in that building again...except the band room but we all know that's a whole seperate place anyways so it doesn't count! I can't believe I have graduated high school and in less than two months I'll be moving in to's just so crazy, exciting, and scary all at the same time. But at least I know I'm gonna have the best roomie ever! Just driving by the school last night though brought back so many memories...especially of every single band camp because I know it's almost time for that! Gosh I can't even go into all those memories...but I always had different friends during band camp than I had during the actual school year...I dunno it was just such an easy time to get close to the good ol' days!

I'm gonna miss hanging out with all my friends. I already miss hanging out with some of them that I haven't been able to see at all this summer! I wish I was still a kid without a care in the world! But at least I know I have God on my side and he will see my through all this!



July 09 2005
there is alot of memories in that place. piece


July 09 2005
i know exactly what u the time senior yr rolled around i already had quite a few memories...and then senior year just added like 10 times more! it's soo hard to realize that in august we'll be starting a complete new chapter of our lives


July 09 2005
i think im gonna start cryin eliz!!! dont talk about leavein yet we still have a month left!!!