Good Day...Gone Bad

November 05 2005

Edit # 2::  New Mall Madness game!!!  Almost kind of makes up for somethings...almost

Edit::  Too bad it only takes one person to ruin that whole awesome day.  Especially when that person is supposed to be your best friend and you just get blown off!

The definition of a good day::

Seeing the new baby in the family...Kamden Jase...ADORABLE!

Going out to eat at Chili's and having a flippin' awesome pita wrap thing!

Going to Wal*Mart and getting groceries bought for you!

Going out to eat with some suitemates and new people!

Going to Kohl's and finding jeans for $12.99

Going to Dollar General to get a sweatshirt for my awesome one I'm getting made!

Not having to drive back to Martin until tomorrow!



November 09 2005
thanks for the pictures on facebook. i hadnt seen the one of you and me at prom, i really like it. piece