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September 19 2005
No more work until Thursday!! YAY! Plus pay check on Thursday!!! Double YAY!!

I'm done with classes for today...sigh...YES!

I have two papers due on Friday...I haven't started either of them!

I mailed off letters today! You'll know soon if one of them was for you! I am still accepting letters so don't worry about that!

I went to bed EARLY last night...11:00! Eeek!

We're all going to work out at around 3:15...yay!

Well I'm going with Katie over to the AOPi huh?


HOLLA! I actually wrote this yesterday!

September 15 2005
Last nigt was great!! Call me cell phone and listen to the voicemail to hear one of the many fun things we did!

Today at worked stunk! The assistant manager lady is still really mean...but I only have to work this Sunday and Thursday so I'll probably be at home next weekend!! Woot Woot!

Katie and me are going to eat at InterFaith tonight and then they are taking us to the movies free!! Woot Woot! We're going to see "The Brother Grimm"....MATT DAMON AND HEATH LEDGER!!!! Julie and Jessi are gonna meet us at the movies.

This weekend is gonna be fun too! I only have to work Saturday night for 4 hours and then Sunday...but's it's gonna be just Katie and me and one of Katie's friends that is coming up! I'm so excited!! Except for that whole work part...blah...but it's $$!

Well I'm gonna go...I don't have class until 2:30 though!! YAY!!


i said's cold in here!

September 12 2005
work was ok...besides that whole bored out of my mind part! i did talk to amy alot though so that was good! i miss you amy!...and rachel...and everyone!

i want everyone that has sent me a letter to know how much a truely appreicate it!! and i'm working writing everyone back!

noone's here right now...sorority stuff...

julie and me keep like an iceberg in here! i'm in a sweatshirt flannel pj pants and i'm still freezing!

i wish i could come home this weekend! but i guess the $$ will make up for it...hopefully!


You make me so happy!

September 07 2005

photo from SouTHeRN_BeLLe

stole the quote from my lovely Lauren Nicdao!



September 05 2005

photo from SouTHeRN_BeLLe



ps- I also love love love Holly Morris!!

She works hard for the $$

August 31 2005
I got the job at CVS here! I start the 12th

YAY FOR $$!!


Yeah Yuh!

August 29 2005
classes went good...everything's been good

i need $$

feel free to send me mail!

Elizabeth Mott
Ellington Hall E320R
Martin, TN 38238

I would definitely appreciate letter or some beautiful art to hang on my ugly walls!!


There's a First Time For Everything

August 28 2005
classes start first is at 9 it's a Math class

please just pray that everything goes good this week! i'm a real worry wart and so i'm super worried! thanks guys!


Dorm Time!!

August 25 2005
I put pictures in my of my side of the's not tha plain I've added more since the pictures!

I'll write more later...Mallory is over!



August 23 2005
Well...I leave on Thursday...I haven't yet begun to pack! I've been too busy hanging out with my bestest friend LizBeth! We've been!

Rachel is supposed to be coming over tomorrow to help me pack! YAY for Rachel!! Maybe I'll get some packing done before she gets here...or maybe not...who know??

So I'm just gonna write a list of names of all the people I'm gonna miss...tell me if I forget you!

Lauren B.
Lauren N.
D-$$ Lauren!
The Orignial shhh!!

I'm such a fool!

August 19 2005
"There's a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny's lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I've always been a fool."

August 15 2005
I love that new Ranch Tooth Wendy's makes me smile!

I love. love. love. all of my friends!!!!!!!

I love shopping...I hate feeling guilty about spending $$!

I love listening to old school music with good friends!!

I love you!!


I'm so totally stealing this from Lauren!

August 14 2005
TEN Random Things about me
10. My favorite TV Station is Nickalodeon GAS.
9. I named my cat after the cat from Alice in Wonderland. (Dinah by the way if you didn't know!)
8. I have over 40 picture frames (w/ pictures) in my room.
7. I have a pink furry pillow on my bed.
6. I own all 5 Spice Girls dolls unopened and everything.
5. I passed out the first time I gave blood.
4. I keep all my shoes in two big bags.
3. I am really really nervous around people I don't know.
2. My favorite candy bar is a Milky Way.
1. I have never been grounded.

NINE Ways To Win My Heart
9. Be a Squishy overly muscly or overly skinny.
8. Hold my hand where everyone can see.
7. Talk to my parents.
6. My me laugh until I think I'm gonna pee my pants!
5. Be sincere
4. Don't be judgemental or shallow
3. Talk when something is bothering you...don't bottle up emotions and don't let me bottle up mine!
2. Call me at 3 in the morning when you can't sleep and don't be mad if I call you at 3 because I can't sleep!
1. Ask how am I doing and really care!

EIGHT Of My Favorite People(no order)
7. Julie
6. Dena
5. Rachel
4. Amy
3. Lauren B.
2. Lauren N.
1. Gracie

SEVEN Places I've Been
7. HotLanta AKA Atlanta
6. The Bahamas
5. California
4. New York
3. New Mehico AKA New Mexico
2. Arkansas
1. Tan-pa AKA Sticks of Lightning

SIX Things That I Want
6. A better digital camera
5. My senior scrapbook to be finished!
4. The O.C. to come back soon!
3. To be closer to God
2. To never have to wake up before 10
1. To own all the movies I love!

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of
5. Running out of $$ in college
4. Failure
3. Never finding the one
2. Trusting too easily
1. Growing Up

FOUR of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom
4. My shoes
3. My quilt
2. My pictures
1. My Bed

3. Shallow people
2. Judgemental people
1. Liars

TWO Things That I am Thinking about Right Now
2. Can I hack it in college
1. Will I meet the one in college?

ONE Person I Want To See Right Now
1. LizBeth

We have more natural disasters from the strain of the fast pace

August 09 2005
I never thought the day would come when you would be my disappointment...



August 06 2005
"And there’s no such thing as what might’ve
Been, that’s a waste of time; drive you outta your mind"

Man oh man does that gorgeous man know what he is talking about or what?!

There is no reason to dwell on the past. What has happened has happened for a reason. You may not know that reason but God does. He has a reason for everything. And trust me from person experience and I'm sure you can all agree it really does drive you crazy when you think about all the "what if's". Like "What if I had said this?", "What if I had gone there?", "What if I had been nicer?". There is no point in the "what if's" because until we have a time machine invented (which I find to be highly unlikely it will be soon) we can't change the past. We can't change the things we've said or done. I mean even Timon and Pumba knew this. Don't you remember the "You gotta put your past behind you." quotation. It's something they've been trying to teach us from an early age and yet even elderly people sometimes think of the "what if's?". We just need to remember to trust in God that he will lead us where we need to be and not to worry about what has happened in our past. He forgives us for our mistakes but we also must forgive ourselves.


Hardcore Yardsaling

August 05 2005
I'm gonna be out of town tomorrow...b/c I'm doing some serious yardsaling. My mom and me are going to Crossville to go to the Hwy 127 Yard Sale which is the longest yardsale in the country. It goes all the way from Kentucky through TN down to Alabama. I'm excited!


Did you know?

August 01 2005
Did you know there are days where I feel horrible about myself but I think of you and it's all better?

Did you know there are nights where I cry about anything but I think of you and it's all better?

Did you know there are times when I miss people so much it hurts but I think of you and it's all better?

Did you know there are times I feel I have no more strength at all but I think of you and it's all better?

Did you know there are times I am so mad I can't even think straight but I think of you and it's all better?

Did you know that I love you more than anything in the world? Of course you know me through and know every thought that runs through my know me better than I even know my self. I'm glad I can think of you and it's all better.


God is everywhere...even in alanis morrisette music!

July 27 2005
Here are some lyrics that I really liked and that spoke to me...some of them are from Christian bands and some aren't. But they all meant something to me!

"i'm lost but i'm hopeful , baby..."

"life has a funny, funny way of helping you out..."

" starving for truth...chasing after you..."

"a slave to your hands..."

"i like it, i love it, i want some more of it..."

"i still love you more than anything in the world..."


Be A Bowling Pin

July 23 2005
I went bowling last night with Heath and his friend Micha. It was so much fun! I actually won the first game and I haven't been bowling in like over a year! I broke 100 2 out of the 4 games which is amazing for me! I won one of the other games too! I think the best part was in the last game though when Micha pushed Heath and he went flying into the lane! I know you didn't think it was that funny Heath but trust me it was!

So we all kept bowling a lot of 9's last night. It kinda makes me think maybe that one pin was just the strongest pin while all the other ones just let them selves be knocked down by pressure. If we could all just be like the one pin we would never be knocked down. You should know you have God on you side and although sometimes you may wobble and almost fall down God will keep you up and strong! Try not to be like the pins who will fall with only a little pressure. Stand up and be that last pin that makes the Devil mad he couldn't get that strike or spare!



July 18 2005
You know no matter how tired you are, how bad you day was, or how stressed you are a fudgesicle can make everything all right. That is why I say that God is the Fudgesicle of life. No matter how down and out you feel all you have to do is know you have God waiting "in the freezer" for you to ask for help. Imagine how much better your life would be if you always had a fudgesicle with you. Well, God is your fudgesicle and you don't have to imagine having him with you all the time because he IS THERE ALL THE TIME!! God is always with you and you don't have to be at home to enjoy him like you do a fudgesicle. You can enjoy the love and caring of God any time and anywhere. He is always at your disposal so there is no reason not to have him on your side and use him any time you need him. Whether it's on a test or in a life changing decision. When you have something as wonderful as God at your disposal at any time why would you not take full advantage of the amazing privilege? There are so many people who do not realize the awesome power they have in their corner backing them up. If some people would just realize that God is always their for them no matter how bad they have messed up in the past. God is never going to throw in the towel on you so never take for granted the awesome power that is just waiting for you to accept him into your heart! If you can just let him in he will always be there to help you out in your time of need, small or large, he is always ready and willing to get you through it. Just remember to always take advantage of the power you have on your side! God bless!


p.s.- It's a two way street my friends...I have made my efforts and tried hard to meet you in the middle but you haven't tried at all it feels like. When will you try? There are only so many days until we part ways I hope you take advantage of them?

Photo From SouTHeRN_BeLLe

July 16 2005

photo from SouTHeRN_BeLLe

Do you not just love this picture? I think this is definitely one of the best pictures from NY. It's just so pretty and I just love the angle of the picture! Oh and it's St. Patrick's Cathedral if you didn't know.

Is it weird that I usually only eat once a day??

Remember to always take time to thank God for all you blessings! Even if it's only for a few minutes it's so important to always give thanks for the wonderful things he blesses us with. It always makes my day to think of the things I have been blessed with during the day whether it be spending time with a friend or getting something that I really needed or just recieving a compliment from someone. I think I finally learned to take compliments and feel good about myself no matter what! No matter if I think I'm pretty or fat or whatever! And I think I pretty much have my friends to thank for that! They are always so nice and supportive no matter what I look like. And all of my friends are beautiful and it makes me feel so good about myself they think the same about me! I have always known that God made me beautiful and made me a certain way for a reason but finally being able to accept myself (almost...everyone has a little self- doubt)completely for what I am nothing more and nothing less.Well, I guess that's it so I'm gonna go! God bless and goodnight!


Are you happy now?

July 13 2005

photo from SouTHeRN_BeLLe

does this make you happy lauren??

The Only Way To Make Work Fun

July 11 2005
Do you know the only way to make working at CVS fun and not boring?? It's being able to work 5 hours with the really cute guy that works with me!

I've had so much fun these past few days hanging out with my friends. Finding out the Julie thinks that once you're 25 you're old. Eating a delicious salad and laughing like crazy while at O' Charley's! Then watching Hitched which was absolutely hilarious! Then on Saturday I got to spend time with my bestest friend LizBeth. We went over to Victoria's Secret in Stones River and bought a bunch of lotion. Then when we got back to her house we watched the first two Anne of Green Gables but we only watched the good know the parts with Gilbert! And I cried at the end as usual. I'm so emotional! Then Sunday I went with Dena, Rach, and Julie to see Bewitched! It was so cute and funny!

You know over the past few days I can't help but thinking about how much I am gonna be missing my friends in a little over a month. I know I'll make new friends and become closer to some like Julie, Katie, Jessi, and Mallory since I will be going to school with them! But I just don't know what I'm going to do without LizBeth, Rachel, Amy, Dena, Jessimica, Lauren, and all my other really awesome friends! I've made so many memories just during Senior Year...probably more than all the other three years together! I just want to be able to hang out with everyone before I leave and I just don't know if that's going to happen and that makes me sad. I'm really thankful though to have already been hanging out to some of my friends that mean the most to me though!

I am so thankful to have God so apparent in my life at this point in my life. It's such a pivotal point in my life and I'm so glad he is here to guide me through all this confusion. I can't even imagine what would have happened if I had prayed for God to help me over this past year with all my decisions. Who knows where I would be at college and who knows what I would be majoring in! I'm really glad God has given me all this advice and guidance over this past year. I'm so thankful he sent me friends that are such strong Christians and help me resist any temptations that I might face.

Well, I guess I'm gonna do some reading and then go to bed! Love you guys!


Bang Bang

July 10 2005
So I learned to shoot this afternoon. First I was shooting with a pellet gun at this cast iron bell we have in our backyard making it ring. Then we put our weather vane thing out in the back yard and were shooting at it but it was alot harder because it's so small. So I wanted to shoot my dad's real gun though. So I finally hit the rooster on the top of the weather vane and he said if I could hit two in a row he would let me shoot the .32 caliber pistol. So then I actually did shoot it again and so he was like "no two times in a row from when i said it so now you have to hit it again." I was like there is now way but I did! So then he was like do it again and I did! I hit the tiny little rooster 4 times in a row (and remember this is the 1st time I've ever shot anything). So he goes and gets the .32 pistol and I got to have two shots. I shot this old pot up in the woods so don't worry no one was in any danger of getting hurt. By the way it was so much fun...but extremely loud! Well, that's all I really have to say...check out the pictures though!


The old days

July 09 2005
I drove by BHS last night on my from Dena's to Julie' was kind of weird and surreal. Just to know that I never have to and probably won't set foot in that building again...except the band room but we all know that's a whole seperate place anyways so it doesn't count! I can't believe I have graduated high school and in less than two months I'll be moving in to's just so crazy, exciting, and scary all at the same time. But at least I know I'm gonna have the best roomie ever! Just driving by the school last night though brought back so many memories...especially of every single band camp because I know it's almost time for that! Gosh I can't even go into all those memories...but I always had different friends during band camp than I had during the actual school year...I dunno it was just such an easy time to get close to the good ol' days!

I'm gonna miss hanging out with all my friends. I already miss hanging out with some of them that I haven't been able to see at all this summer! I wish I was still a kid without a care in the world! But at least I know I have God on my side and he will see my through all this!