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August 13 2005
Well... this is odd... yet another blog for me to be consumed with... oh well... they're entertaining.

i've been doing absolutely nothing really lately. bryan asked me to go swimming with him tonight but i cant go considering it's nine and lord knows how late i'd be out. but anywho

i slept today until 2:30 and been out of it ever since.

i've realized there's a lot of people from murfreesboro on here and like 4 from knoxville... kinda sad if i must say so myself. but hey, most people have a myspace or an xanga.... in which i have both.... i have a ton of people on xanga but about 10 on myspace since i am fairly new. maybe i can get some people on here... i alreayd have one from... guess where!!! MURFREESBORO! gosh i love that place. i'm always there... and plus, that's where my pony is! weee....

that's about it... so i'll talk to you later.