August 30 2007

Woah buddy it has been...forever. I still check people's phuseboxes, i just...don't post for myself. School started yesterday and both yesterday and today i have a whole bunch of homework. It's gonna be a stressful year. Lots of hard classes. No Bueno.

Guess what everyone?!?! I GET TO GO SEE SHANE & SHANE TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited! They are the best ever and...I get to see them live! Gah, i can't even explain how pumped i am. It's going to be awesome...i just know it. I'm going up with my dearest friend Kate :-) it's gonna be fun.  

Soooo...I don't really know what to say. -shrugs- life's going great. This is going to be a very busy year for me with hard classes, lots of homework, working for my dad, church activities and..whatever else. I'm excited about some things that are happening in my life and...yeah. So anyway...i've got to go study for a quiz i've got in Latin. yuck.

Everyone be excited for me about Shane and Shane, becuase i most definitley am. -huge smile- oh goodness i'm excited. Everyone have...good lives. Talk to Jesus and love him; he likes that a lot.  


August 31 2007
And it's free! Best part. So, do you ladies want to sleep on my couch/mattress on the floor? I have a nice living room for you if you'd like. Just let me know.

adam rodrigues

September 04 2007
and why did you get to come? because of that amazing guy... what's his name again? adam? is that it? I think so ;)