July 27 2005
Hawaii was AMAZING!! gah, 2 weeks there and I still wasn't ready to leave! hehe Rachel and I decided we're moving to Maui as soon as we get out of college, which I certainly hope happens!!! ;-)

Well, its too late to put much up here now, im going on 40 hours straight with little to no sleep!! WHOO HOO!! ANYWHO pictures shall be coming soon, within the next day or two hopefully! So until then, leave some comments and love yall!! aloha!


July 27 2005
no fair. I WANNA GO!! *throws fit* *regains composure* glad that you had a good trip. Can't wait to see pics.


August 03 2005
You are so lucky!

Becky A.

August 04 2005
I absolutely love that picture you have up there of you! HAPPY 17 BIRTHDAY!!! Glad Hawaii was awesome and I hope your birthday was too!


August 04 2005
it's AUG.4th and i just thought i would say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i hope you had an awesome one....i love you girl!!!