February 13 2006

This weekend one word- AMAZING! well...except for a certain incident trying to walk into an "adult establishment" LOL. Anyways! We went to Atlanta for our first competition (of the year and for the studio) and had a blast! The minis were adorable and brought home a 1st place award for "It's a Feel Good Thing", "Heartbreak" also got a 1st place score (ye-yeah!), and "Praise you in this Storm" (our lyrical production) got a 1st place score, Best Production, Most Emotional, and 1st Overall (outta about 80 groups)!!!!! YEAH! everyone did so good! It's amazing to see how far everyone has come this year, and it being a completely new studio too! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!! and remember- THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!

Well, we left early Sunday cuz we had to get back to feed the animals and w/e, and saw the most gorgeous thing ever...SNOW!! and im not talkin a lil dusting or 1 inch or so here and, we're talkin 4-5 inches on Monteagle Mtn!! It was beautiful, we must have taken about 100 pictures of it :-p Which made today even better- SNOW DAY IN RUTHERFORD CO! :-D!!!!!!! Today was good for the most part- went to the dr (ehh... not so great), party at the dance studio!!, and went to hastings and bi-lo with callie and cassie under...not so good general terms but it wound up being..interesting to say the least :-p now if we relate that to birds and bugs...and being introduced to the wonderful world of creme soda...yummmmm lol

Sarah Vermillion

February 14 2006
What were you competing in?

Elaine Stephens

February 14 2006
congrats shannon! i remember the first time i had creme soda a long time ago... yummy. my friend's dad got it for us, and it was in those brown glass bottles that look like beer bottles (or at least so we thought), and we were like in the 3rd grade, and so were like, "hey this is cool, we look like we're drinking beer! haha!" yeah, so i just thought i'd share that with you, don't ask me why. lol.