Simple Joys

June 26 2005
AHH...the simple joys in life amaze me, long bubble baths, finding a new unopened box of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the back of the freezer, warm-right-outta-the-dryer towels, and blaring your favorite song when it comes on the radio at the perfect moment....:-) :-)

If anyone wants to do something this week, just gimme a call!!! love you!

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

June 26 2005
Must find a something and a sometime.


June 26 2005
i love bubble baths, and rain in the summer.

Anna Miller

June 29 2005
i love bubble baths in the rain. . .

Becky A.

June 30 2005
All of the above sounds wonderful. SHANNON MUST COME TO LAKE SOMETIME!!!!