December 31 2005

YAY!  Phusebox is back (I know, ironic coming from someone who never posts....)

Anyways! hope everyone is having a happy (and safe!!!) break, Merry Christmas (a few days late) and Happy New Years! Ah, so much has happened since I last updated its unreal!  2005 has been a great year for the most part- new friendships, old friendships rekindled, crazy times, etc! So with that- I love you all and hope everyone has fun tonight, be safe, and happy 2006!


January 02 2006
SHANNON BANANON!!! I miss you, wish you could have made an appearance at NYE party, but I guess I will see you tomorrow girly girl!

Elisabeth Barber

January 08 2006
hey girl. i hope you have an amazing senior year! its OUR year now!! crazy. huh? ah, hope its your best year yet!