So... My Life as of Now

December 30 2005
Well here's a recap of the last semester.... I figured I'd post this before Christmas is here.

So....... first up it "love-lives"
1) I started this semester in a relationship that ended a little more than a month ago...
2) realized another relationship and I are better friends than dates
3) now single and I haven't been for a long period of time since I was 15... I'm 19 now. I haven't dated a whole lot, it's just that each relationship that I've been in have all been REALLY long and back to back.
4) my roommate Anette got enganged and married
5) my friend Beth got engaged

1) I have AMAZING parents and I know I am lucky to have the relationship that I have with them
2) Dad had surgery to have his thyroid removed because of a benign (sp?) growth and the doctors found a growth in his lung which they've decided is also benign.... my dad doesn't smoke or drink and the doc's said that's a huge reason as to why it's benign.
3) Mom and my aunt's relationship is getting better and better each day (had a falling out a while back that they've gotten over now)

1) with my wonderful gift of a scholarship, I would have been happy to have gotten through this semester with a 3.5....... I got a 4.0
2) Wonderful school and I've found my niche
3) I've made SO many friends at O'More that I cherish SO much....... Anette, Van, Beth, Micah, Catie, Clair....... and more
4) I never did get involved in the whole "high school" scene, but yet I've managed to get myself onto SGA.......? So far so good =)

1) I still work at Hot Topic in the Stones River mall in M'boro and I love that job. I've been there since October of 2004 and like I said, I love it =)
2) They understand that I live in Franklin so it's hard for me to get into town and they REALLY work with me on my schedule.

My Health and Body
1) ok, I'm thin, but not as healthy as I look, so my goal is to work out somewhat everyday starting next semester.
2) I got my wisdom teeth taken out last Wednesday (12-21) and my mouth/face didn't swell, or bruise, or anything. I was even able to work that Friday.
3) I'm getting my two small tattoos on my feet REALLY soon which I've decided are going to be very small shamrocks..... They won't be larger than a dime, and I'll have one on each foot in my arch. Yes I know it'll hurt... a lot
4) Oh, and I'm going to start becoming a vegetarian I think. I'm researching it right now to see what I need to do in order to still get all the nutrients I need that meat provides....just minus the 'meat' part

So....... that's my life as of now.