September 17 2005
not much has been happening. we (as in the garage band I am in) auditioned for our school's talent show. We feel good about it. I think we have a fair chance, but there were plenty of good acts that tried out. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. I've left it up to God to give us a shot. All we can do is hope for the best and if we don't get in, then all I know is that the past several months were fun and worth it..and better luck next year.

I'm bored so I am gonna find something else to do..later everybody take it easy

aryn greene

September 18 2005
thanks papa bear.


September 18 2005
good luck... im sure you will make it !

ashley jade

September 23 2005
why you, you are in my chemistry class. i just might be...a small world.