What A Difference...

May 22 2006

Hello people that still read this..doubt anybody

well what to say really...

I fell out of love with dani, and now grudges are being held and friends taking sides it feels like..such a beautiful disaster really. I feel guilty about it all. I grew so selfish of her and everything around me, that it ultimately drove things away. Now I am a prarie dog with little to show. The man in the crowd with multi-colored mirrors on his hobnail boots..what a quote lol

My grandfather passed away little over a month ago. My family is doing alright we are hanging in there, and I made my peace with my Grandfather. That I have to show for.

Musically I am still wrting and practicing on guitar. Listening to everything for inspiration. To find that defninitive knack in a song. To get an extra push towards something. Picked up playing keyboard too, and just trying to get it all out in song. the one thing that I havea pleasure of battling really.

the summer is days away, and its a break I and all need. To figure out the confusion in the amidst. To mving on and not looking back, atleast not for a while. I'm truly sorry if I offend the ones I love I really do. Takes time but time is an overused word..can't think of another word to say really..Later