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Here's Johnny

August 13 2005
Well Mertle beach was an eye opener ( sp) ? wow not ever 6 months out of school and i cant spell can ya believe that? Any way lets say people want the "old andy" back well you cant have him, no yet, because it is going to take a while for me to get back to the way i was. I made alot of bad decisions this summer, one i def. regret. But God has forgiven me and it's all up hill from here. Yes i know that Satan will be trying extra hard now that im tryin to go back to the " old andy". Thats were you guys come in ( crowd perticipation gotta love it) Just be prayin for me while im trying to come back

Hope Anderson

August 14 2005
don't worry about the "old Andy"... just let go of the "different Andy" let God make you the "new Andy"... b/c you know what? He'll heal you if you let Him... He'll make you the stronger more mature Andy... but you have to surrender. and that's the question... are you willing?