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July 10 2005
Well this may come as a shock to everyone, but im not goin to go to bible college any more, idk its hard to explain like i just dont feel the passion for it anymore, like i dont have the drive to be a youth minister, it's like God changed my path. I have felt this way for prolly a lil over 2 months, i jsut havent said anything about it, like the way i feel right now is i want to become a police officer. To some of you that may sound wierd or strange. My father was a police officer, and ever since i was little i wanted to become a police officer. All of the police movies i've seen, "To protect and Serve" i would prolly go to draughns Jr. college in the fall of 06 to get educated in their police portion at the school. also thinking on something else u can go tomy xanga for that... well thats all 4 now L8R


July 10 2005
im praying for you!!!


July 10 2005
God will reveal to u exactly what ur supposed to know exactly when ur supposed to know it...and whether u go to bible college & become a youth minister, go to jr college and become a police officer, or one day work for nasa and fly to the moon haha...just remember colossians it all no matter what it is for the glory of God

Julie Brockwell

July 10 2005
Well whatever you do....God is going to tell you and He is going to make your life AWESOME!! I love ya prom date!!!