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October 09 2006

Whats popping peoples

Just keeping it real doing my thug dizzle lol

So ive been looking into Churchs and found some interesting things. I didnt kno what i believed. But i know i believe in GOD and Jesus so ima Christian. Any i feel that God will help me thru everything and he has. Im not saying that im the most righteous man or live that most righteous life but i do try and learn from my mistakes.

I talked to my Sparrow brother Ben aka B Reb on saturday and he was like damn we all need to get back together and play D-noes and hit up chef wangs and i was like hell yeah thats a bet but i dont kno how to get up with big rock, hollywood dont pick up, and  i dont talk to boogie.(i hope we are still friends :) but he did say that he will go to the titans-giants game on Nov. 26!!! SWEET!!! lol

But anywayz imma be the best man at my friend mikes wedding on Oct. 28th im happy for him but i still think hes too young lol. Plus they have a babygirl on the way that i will be the godfather of, oh boy imma have ta choke a bitch that tries to holla at her lol.

Life is ok right now. me and my moms still dont have the relationship that i really want but im working at it.

Anthony almost had some warrents out for his arrest but i talked to him and he really listened so he doing ok.

Vicky(my godmama) he recovering from her surgery for her hernia and she on her feet and ranning around which she shouldnt be doing but "You cant keep a good dog down"(All Dogs Go to Heaven)lol

Anywho imma bout to bounce so ill holla

~1 Blood~


October 09 2006
What up Murphy?

brigette adkins

November 09 2006
hey sam (: good to hear from you and thanks for the reassurement. we def need to all get together again and play d-noes and hit up Zack at Chef Wangs. he still works there lol. i see him all the time.