June 19 2006
I'm so happy right now :D I saw my babygirl today and we talked about everything that was going on. I told her how i felt and she told me how she felt. She still loves me!!! :D I cant stop smiling. When i went over there i thought she was gonna brea up with me to be honest and i would have still loved her if she did. I just want her to be happy with or without me. But she still wants to be with me and thats whats up. So to all those haters and doubters, I got two words for ya SUCK IT!!! lol
If yall didn't know, DX is back together!!!
Well i'm out i might be going to the movies with B tonight so i'll holla~1~


June 19 2006
that is awesome my friend i am so happy for you!

brigette adkins

June 27 2006
thats cool. have fun. (: