June 15 2006

So my life sucks right now. Shit just keeps on going worng. B almost broke up with me the other day and it really affected me emotionally. Skool and work has been really stressful. I dont feel emontaionally into anything. I havent really been eating kuz im not hungry. i'm scared that ima gonna loose my true love. but im starting to eat again kuz im not going to try to hurt myself. i really miss B and wanna B with her every moment of my life. But theres always that curveball called life. If it was my choice, i would get an apartment right now and ask B to move i with me. Thats how much i love her. I want to marry her. But i'm not sure she feels the same way about me anymore. 

And my car :( my moms boyfriend has been "working on it" for the past month or so and aint shit change with that. All he does is sit on that damn computer all day and have his boys ova. That shit really pisses me off. He told me that if i give him the money he'll fix the car so i held up my part of the bargin and i still have no car. this is really affecting my relationship with B and thats messed up. But yeah that how life goes huh?

We'll let me stop bitching about my problems. Holla back at cha boy~1~ 


June 15 2006
ahh sam im sorry about everything that is going on. im always here for you man. love ya!