March 12 2006

WOW i haven't been here in two forevers!!!!!!!

so ya things = good

well really good now ;) !!!!!!

and im very deeply sorry that i have been away from here in two forevers and there have been soooo many people that want to be friends with me...yes i have friends now!!!!!!! yay!!! haha!!!

HAVE FUN Kiddos!!!!


November 08 2005
why does it take guys sooo freckin long to ask out a girl........


November 07 2005

hmmm so i guess ill try this thing again......

school....really good

boys....really reallly good

life....really really really good

so ya there is the update.....


October 20 2005
.....so i guess im just am going to stick to xanga for now......


October 18 2005
.......what happened to it???


October 17 2005
I miss the warm and cozy feeling of being in Your arms...............


October 15 2005

ok so im kinda confused with this whole new set up???

anyways just to update on a place that is free from some certain guys...I am really mad at Him...and since he was such a complete A**Hole this past week / jerk...im going to ignore him the whole week!!! yes mean .... but hey he deffinately deserves it!!!!

its weird cause now i think im startin to fall for someone else..his best friend .... guess cause he really does like me and i never noticed till now. .. man i hate this .... my mom was right..but shhh don't let her know!!!! haha

well im leaving .....


October 13 2005


October 12 2005
ahhh im sooo freeckin pissed off right now!!!!!!!
so SOMEONE tells me today that she was telling him happy birthday (his birthday was yesterday) and all of a sudden this ROTC slutty girl kissed him...she has been trying to get him to go out with her for a week now and he has already rejected her.....so anyways...i reallly reallly don't know what i should do...some friends are like maybe he is just wanting to see what your reaction is since you aren't official and is still trying to decide which one to pick....but idk....i wish i knew...i need lots and lots of help....i probably will end up going to him tomorrow and be like whats going on but i still don't know what to do :-( ... i feel like going and crying now sooo bad...this is what that slut wanted to do..get rid of me..but now i will not let that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes im sooo mad!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH i wish life did not have drama like this...so much :-(...well please give me some comments...aHHHHHH...ok im going to go...love ALL OF YOU bunches, Rachel


October 10 2005
Ahhhh....i love life


October 09 2005
YAY i get to go see HIM tomorrow!!!!!! yay ive only been waiting for like what .... a week!!!!!


October 06 2005
i miss him :(

Love stinks when you are away from the one you love......


September 30 2005
YAY!!!!!!!! fall break is finally here!!!!!!

hmmm....i love half days they are sooo much fun!!!!!

Today was great....it was probably the BEST star trak that i ever have been too...maybe because of someone

LOL anna....god was deffinately on my side today!!!!

hmmm...im leaving for N.Carolina tomorrow at 3 in the morning and then on sunday i going to Gatlinburg till tuesday and going to do some MAJOR shopping....annna...I will deffinately have to remember the key chain deal haha!!!!

and then i will be back home and am ready to have some BIG time fun with all of you guys...so call me then!!!!

have fun guys...i love you all

Love bunches,



September 29 2005
ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun guys and i love you all!!!!!!


September 24 2005
i think something good will happen..but i won't say what cause i realllyrelllly reallly reallly don't want to jinx this one :-] !!!!!!!


September 17 2005
Hey Everyone, well this week has been good except for the part that was kinda upsetting..no comments ....anyways we did not win the game last night but still had fun eventhough ...... hmmm....I GET TO GO CONOEING TOMORROW!!!!!! im sooo excited and can not wait!!!!! ......well i guess im gonna go...c-ya lata!!!!

Bunches of Love,




September 16 2005
-> Your Perfect Guy

Short Answer
.: x hair color-brown
.: x eye color-don't reallly matter

::x height-taller than me
.: x short or long hair-don't really matter

.: x prep, skater, jock, etc-hmm don't really care as long engough they are a good guy

Yes or No
.: x glasses-Doesnt matter
.: x contacts-doesnt matter
.: x buff-Thats nice
.: x piercings-no

.: x tatoos-i don't care as long engough its not all over the guy and noticable
.: x teeth-good teeth!!!
.: x cook-That is always nice
.: x love his mom-i don't know
.: x watch chick flicks with you-awww that would be like a MAJOR plus there cause i LOVE chick flicks
.: x cuss-No!
.: x drink-Nooo!
.: x smoke-No-o-o!
.: x write poems-aww thats ALWAYS a plus too
.: x walk you to your door-You better
.: x pay for dinner-You better..haha i'd be lying if i said i don't mind if i have to pay
.: x wild or conserved-In the middle

This or that
.: x funny or serious-Funny
.: x night out or stay at home-depends on whats going on

.: x shy or outgoing-a little of both
.: x candy or flowers-Flowers...candy makes you fat lol
.: x smart or dumb-Smart
.: x not afraid to speak his mind or do what makes you happy-speak your mind
.: x quiet or loud-In between.. not too much of either
.: x class clown or class nerd-either one is ok
.: x funny or sarcastic-funny
.: x basketball or football-both???...haha i don't care
.: x honest or trushtworthy-Both!!!!


September 10 2005
ok so last night had another free meal with the family last night!!!! and then guess what a group of some pretty crazy girls...yes including me...went to the car show last night!!!! y i stilll don't know...but ya thats pretty unbelievable and i actually had fun and i saw guys there that were like...rachel???...at the car show???...wow i can't believe my eyes!!! haha so ya it was amazing..loving life!!! well have a great weekend...oh is it true..did Siegel win ANOTHER game last night?!?!?!...wow thats almost becoming more impressive than me going to a car show and having fun!!! haha..well c-ya lata,
Bunches of Love,

oh and there is one of my proofs..ya the proof is going to have to work until i get my orders!!!

Been TOOO Long!!!!

September 05 2005
well it is deffinately TIME for an update...been way tooooo long!!!!! so what has happened since Aug. 11th welll.....i am now 17!!!!! and it was an awsome birthday!!!!! my sister turned 12!!!! i really really like all of my classes at school!!! ohhh i got my hair cut finally and it is deffinately hott!!! lol....Siegel has won 2 games (one being Oakland!!!!! ~~that made my year~~) last night had an awsome cookout with the family and saw some friends that have been at college for awhile and well that was awsome!!!! i also tore off part of my fingernail with a razor so its taking waaaaaay too long to type this up!!!

~~~ohhh and i feel really reallly reallly selfish for doing all of these things cause in New Orleans they can't do stuff like this...i really really reallly want to go help them sooo much but i can't cause i have to go to school which makes me feel sooo horrible but i have donated tons of money to them so that should make up for something even though i reallly reallly want to go help :-( !!! oh well ill just have to keep praying i guess...

well guys my finger hurts reallly bad right now so im gonna go see ya lata
Bunches of Love,


August 11 2005
i updated my xanga and don't really have the time to put the pics on here so you can all go to my xanga


Love ya..Rachel

oh my schedule::

1st: GOV/ECO ... mrs. doris/coach ondrus
2nd: Hon. Eng. IV ... mrs. james
3rd: Office Aiding
4th: Anatomy ..... mrs. lane
5th: Adv. Alg. & Trig...Mrs. mata chess ski (still don't know how to spell it)
6th: Art 1 ... mrs. morgan

and 3rd lunch


August 09 2005
wow its been a while since i have talked on here..anyways.. im only 1/2 way finished with the summer reading stuff...and i have figured out why we have to do it

Rachel's Theory of Mean People

i heard on the news why summer is soo short now and what they honestly said is bc they have to make up for the percent of education not achieved in the summer aka they think we become brain dead therefor we have to go to school early...so i guess why tenn. makes us read idiotic books is so that way we don't become brain dead and go back to school brainless (its for our benefit)...NEWS FLASH obviously im not brain dead and i have not been reading all summer!!!!! why are there sooo many stupid people in the world that call themselved "educated"?!?!?!?!!? idk nor will i ever know.


mom has finally gone back to school!!!!!!! im soo glad she is away!!!!!!! and i unfortunately found out about my schedule and guess who has senior english...Mrs. James....still don't quite know what to think about that??? and then i found out that art 1 is very crowded this year and im suppose to have Mrs. Morgan..but i could get switched to mrs. Z and i really really really reallly don't want her...people have told me bad things about her view on seniors in art only for the credit.

well guys have a great 2 days left of summer and i will see you all very soon!!!!!

Love you all Bunches,



July 25 2005
Hello Everyone!!!!!!!

Wow Florida = amazing!!!! I love it there..so i guess ill move there one day!!!

lets see the trip......

welll then,,...it allll began very nice and peacefull lots of laying out on the beach and swimming in the ocean...ahh the wonderful life....then Tuesday hurricane Emily gave us some gigantic (well for the gulf) waves wonderful boogie boarding day but what we didn't know it washed the sand barrier away so that brings me too....Wednesday ~ deep sea fishing while we were gone lots happened we found out later from some hott guys !!! what happened??? well that brings me to Thursday ~ wonderful moring in the ocean and then at about 1:00 p.m. a little shark comes swimmming by so everyone gets out of the ocean and chases after it down the beach....while we are there we see a 6ft. hammerhead and about a 6ft. bull shark!!!! yes very exciting...then Friday~ the same thing happens but still are having fun people watching and watching life guard training :hott: and did lots of shoping and taning and thats about it...wonderful!!!!

so now im on to SCHOOL!!!!! im soo ready to go and see lots of people that i miss and to get my senior year on with!!!! well thats all the excitment for now..and ill put pictures on here later when i have the time..good-bye for now!!!!




July 10 2005

**Happy 4th Everyone!!!!**

July 04 2005
well hope everyone has a great day...i deffinately am!!! I love being with the family!!!! well c-ya lata aligata!!haha

Much Love,

~Don't Know What to Do~

July 03 2005
I really don't like it when life hits a difficult spot if you know what i mean. So yall know what im talking about i have been invited to go to a National Conference in Nursing in Boston this October!! I have known someone who went and had a fantastic time. Its pretty much an internship in some of the most prestigious hospitals/nursing schools in american...a once in a lifetime event!! So i know your saying go youll have fun...ya thats exactly what i want to do until i saw how much it cost...$1,444!!! So my parents are like "well we will have to think about it but we would love for you to be able to go and do that as well as see some different places (what the north is like) but we will have to think about it."
So then my next plan would be to have to pay for it myself even though its not mandatory in order for me to go....one problem i don't have a job!! so i would have to get a job and somehow juggle that and school...i don't know. This is a really hard decision for me!! well anyways c-ya later!!