March 06 2006

so last week, one of my friends and i were having a big conversation. she said, "guard your heart...no, actually, give your heart to God and let him guard it." ...hello?? i thought that i did that once...but i didn't. i fooled myself and told myself that i did. i had told God that he can have most of it, but i still needed to hang on to part of it. but i learned, here lately, that everything goes much smoother if you give God 100% of your heart. you can't hang on to part of it.

that's all i have to say!

Hawaii Boys

March 06 2006
"A woman should hide her heart so deep in Christ that a man has to go there to find it" i love this quote -Hodge

Rachael Vance

March 06 2006
that quote is so amazingly true! thanks!